The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

I never make serious reviews all that much but i’m going to now. This movie was absolutely amazing. It deals with reality and what a lot of parents and children have to deal with every day. Halley is trying her best throughout the movie and you know she’s just doing what she feels right for her kid. You have to make some difficult choices for your child and it’s not always easy. Monnee is so strong, and she’s dealing with so much at such a young age and yet she still keeps a lot of her childlike wonder and innocence. This movie had me tearing up so much near the end and it’s honestly one of the best movies i’ve seen. I wish every movie had the same feel as this one, it had so much emotion. Okay, now that the serious part is over, here’s a funny thing: the best part was Willem Dafoe yelling at birds to get off the property and making dad jokes at the same time.

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