Parasite ★★★★★

Cannes did a really good thing by giving this movie the Palme D’Or because it was simply amazing. Everything in this movie is perfect

The actors are really good and their characters are complex but at the same time true to the reality. The camera is well used and give the tone to the movie. For the plot, it is well developed and the actions followed themselves really well and make sense add together. The way the producer managed to create a story mixing humor, seriousness and disenchantment from the characters journey is simply amazing. It will give you a humorous, kinda nice feeling at the beginning that will then develop into amazement because of how things will get and how they’re developed. 
Bong Joon-ho did an amazing job and took simple things, scenarios that exist in South Korea and turned them into a story that you will probably not forget. He proves us that a plan can or cannot be important and his belief that no matter what you do, where you came from and what you’re truly are will always catch up with you is something that can be really considered after second thoughts. Somehow, determinism is the key or the problem.