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  • Harakiri



    A genuinely great first samurai film to watch. I was entirely engaged throughout this movie through its slow reveal of story, making those final action scenes so satisfying to see... and the criticisms of the samurai code itself and its inability to see the people outside of their 'honour' really resonated with me. The world slowly nudging into the dire, and the humanity inside fighting to make it out.

    watched for season challenge week 3: non-kurosawa samurai week

  • Empty Space

    Empty Space


    So many "coming-of-age" movies, too many of them, focus more on the people who feel like outsiders than the actual outsiders. They're often supporting leads who help the lead overcome their own story. But Tom, an overweight man who wants to escape the rejection he faces in society and doesn't find it, has a story. He has to accept himself in a world where few other people will.

    Tom is directionless and constantly torn down, mainly by his past life,…