Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

The artefact chooses the wizard, Mr.Strange...

I really like this movie. The opening and closing acts are some of my favourite in the MCU. We start with Stephen Strange, recently fallen from grace, desperate and determined to find a way to fix himself. I really loved the tone of the early stuff, it’s no nonsense but not too heavy; Strange is on a mission. To close out the movie we watch a transformed sorcerer use all his intelligence and newly gained powers in one of the most unique final confrontations I’ve ever seen. The middle of the movie is good, it shows Strange’s training and growth quite quickly so that we can jump into some action. In truth, I just found that this area of the movie was filled with too many jokes and quips, most of which I feel didn’t land.
The bulk of the world bending special effects are showcased in the middle of the movie, but they are prevalent throughout the feature and they are astonishing. Some of the best uses of CGI to enhance a story and world. It can throw our characters into crazy situations, display the world of the mystic arts or simply let us visualise different spells. Really top class. At times we were transported onto the pages of Ditko artwork, LSD included.
Doctor Strange is overall a great introduction to this side of mysticism in the MCU. It once again shows that Marvel don’t have to be scared of going ’too comic-booky’, we can handle it.

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