The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

The Devil All the Time is a frustrating one. It’s only after you’ve gotten through most of the film that you realise the first hour is mainly set up, set up heavily filled with ideas that don’t play as big a part as they should. In this portion of the film we bounce around characters and places (rather messily) with the constant being this idea of how destructive using God as your crutch and as your justifier is. This constant is what really held the first half together for me and - as the idea was so prevalent - set up the rest of the film to dissect said idea. But as we transition from set up to main story this idea fizzles out, never to be seen again with the same punch, leaving the middle of the film stuck in the mud with nothing to really connect both halves of the film. It needs to then traipse through the mud trying to lay out what direction the plot will go and which characters we will be primarily spending it with. I must admit, once the film found its footing it is really enjoyable. It has engaging characters and storylines that intercept in a rewarding way, it has some great moments of tension and ends really strongly, it’s just annoying that we had to sit and wait for the film to gather itself before it produces the great moments we came for, with most of the great actors we came for.

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