Burning ★★★★★

Directed by Lee Chang-dong 

An excellently crafted Psychological Drama featuring some of the best writting and acting I saw in 2018, it has also some of the best Cinematography I have seen in a long while with glowing colours, fantastic lighting and overall is one of the most well shot films i’ve ever seen.

The performances in this film are all beyond fantastic, Yoo Ah-in is a perfect lead for the film who portrays his character very well along with the other leads Steven Yeun and Jun Jong-seo, who all have great chemistry together in their scenes not to mention how well written their characters are. I felt genuine tension multiple times during the second half of the film as it sets itself up as more of a romantic film in the first half but as it progresses we are introduced to darker themes and elements that the film slowly turns into this psychological drama.

The score and pacing are both really well done as i did not feel the run time at all and I felt every scene had a meaning behind it with no filler. along with the score which I think is one of my favourite scores I’ve heard from 2018 and i thought that it improved a lot of important scenes for me.