Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

Is it weird that I find specific life events attached to some movies? I saw The Other Guys in the theater for my sixteenth birthday, I had my first kiss while watching Me and Orson Welles, and my dog died while I was watching The Matrix Reloaded. There are so many different life events, some seemingly ridiculously trivial or mundane, that I could attribute to a lot of movies I've seen. They serve as some kind of bookmark in time for me. Guardians of the Galaxy will probably end up being a particularly hard rewatch for me for a little while, because not only was it the only movie I ever saw with my friend Robert, but it was also the very last thing we did together before he passed away. Watching it in 3D with a surround sound system thrilled him so much, I remember him getting all excited about just watching this movie with me, at my house. He was hugely into Marvel movies, and he would always buy each one in 3D. Now, I always buy Marvel movies on 3D bluray out of necessity, as some sort of way to honor his memory.

I don't want to trail off into the depressing, I've had a hard enough day (I beat Life is Strange earlier today, which caused a chain reaction of emotions that ended up with me watching this). But I will say that Guardians of the Galaxy is still one of my favorite MCU movies, with its sharp wit and great character actors. The villain is still flat like any other Marvel villain (they really should fix this before Thanos comes around), but he feels like more of a side note to what I truly care about in this movie- the comedy. I still find myself laughing so often during this film, which probably is the best medication to chase away the sadness. I really can't wait to see what James Gunn does with the sequel, I've no doubt Kurt Russell is going to be amazing.

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