Repo Men ★½

Let's be clear on one thing here: The only reason I watched Repo Men was because it happened to be in a double feature Blu-Ray set with Children of Men for the same price as just CoM, so I thought "Why not?" After all, it couldn't possibly be as bad as people say right? Right?....


Opinion time: Forest Whitaker is a terrible actor. I hated him in Taken 3 (Bagels 3?) where all he seemed to care about was the connection between Liam Neeson's accused crime and a warm bag of bagels. He brings no conviction to any of the characters I've seen him play, and he has yet to impress me. This film was no exception. Every scene without Forest Whitaker was 100 times better than any scene with Forest Whitaker in it, and he only made everything more incoherent and difficult to understand.

Speaking of incoherence, the whole film felt like a mess. Don't get me wrong, some of the action sequences were violently spectacular, but the dialogue was either so overpowered by the soundtrack and effects or so silently delivered by the actors that I couldn't understand half of what was being spoken. (I like to call this the "Interstellar Effect.") I always enjoy Liev Schrieber, but he was so underused in this film as well. I felt they could've done more with him- he plays such a fantastic villain in the films I've seen him in.

I knew before I watched this that it wouldn't be good, but nothing could have prepared me for this mess. Liev Schrieber was honestly my favorite part of this film, and he wasn't even on screen for that long in the end. Jude Law and Forest Whitaker both were way too quiet with their dialogue, and Forest is simply a bad actor. If you're gonna watch a sci-fi action film, you could certainly do much better than Repo Men.

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