The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

This is a film that draws its horror from its atmosphere and aesthetic, creating a horrifying feeling of tension and dread that provides a natural feeling of fear and horror that can't be received from mainstream horror films. This is something that has been lost on modern audiences, which is probably why it was such a bad idea for A24 to put this into wide release. 

Robert Eggers does an incredible job at transporting his audience into the time in which the film takes place, making the terrifying story its characters experience feel that much more authentic. Coupling beautiful cinematography with naturally manufactured cues of tension (i.e. The wood chopping), Eggers creates a wonderfully unique horror atmosphere that is so rare to find in many modem films in this genre. The Witch succeeds because it finds its own way of terrifying its audience, provided they are open enough to its historical accuracies.

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