Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

I saw this in December of 2019 when it played in cinemas here in Sweden. I haven’t seen it since, i’ve been waiting for a bluray release and it finally arrived today!!

This is one of the best romance films i’ve ever seen. The film handles the characters and their relationships so maturely and authentically. It is slow, and so is the pace of the film itself. But i’d say it’s paced wonderfully, it’s one of the film’s greatest strengths. 

This is such a stunning film as well, the cinematography is mind blowing. Each shot really looks like a painting, and the colors are vibrant. I still remember seeing some shots in the cinema, and i’ll never forget it!

This is a very emotional film, we’ve all seen the “forbidden love” story before. But this film is something different and it handles the characters relationship in a very unique, personal, authentic and a sad way as well. Their destiny is inevitable, but it’s never predictable... it’s just sad and tragic.

This is such an amazing film, and now that I have the Blu-ray copy, i’ll watch it more often!!

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