The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

I was looking forward to this a lot! With an all-star cast, it was looking like a solid film! I did think it was great. This is a very dark film, the dark, gloomy and brutal tone is kept throughout. The performances were top-notch! Robert Pattinson, once again stole the show! Even if he didn’t have as much screen time as i’d hoped, he was still absolutely fantastic. So were Bill Skarsgård and Tom Holland as well! I honestly didn’t see a single bad performance by anyone in the film.

I also love the time period, i’m a big fan of the 50s and 60s in general but I really enjoy the music! I thought the music in this film was great, I like the inclusion of “Wheel Of Fortune” which I think is a great song and isn’t featured in films enough! 

I did think though that the script was a bit messy, which I think most people will complain about. They try to fit so much into a 2hr and 18 minute runtime, and there were quite a lot of instances where it didn’t really work for me. This film isn’t just dark thematically, but there are pretty much no characters with redeeming qualities. There are a few, but most of the characters are dirty, rotten and evil people. Even will all that said, I still really enjoyed it and can consider watching this again in the future!

The Devil All The Time is a great, albeit quite messy thriller that I will probably watch sometime again.

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