Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers: just overpowered superwoman 2.0 
Brie Larson: lots of smirks and bad acting lmao
Nick Fury: now i wonder why he actually stopped trusting tho
Jude Law: being dragged through the desert is a no 
Everything: what the heck is going on, bro
This movie: an overall disappointing, poorly-written show 

bad writing, too many villains and “twists” to leave any tension, no clear structure, no character arch, boring, no “if you’re nothing without the suit” apparent defeat moment, the only character I cared about was nick fury?

THIS MOVIE MADE ME WANT TO WATCH LIKE Winter Soldier OR EVEN, FRICK, RAGNAROK. Yessir I would take rAgNaRoK over this because at least it has some fun with itself.

I’m way too ticked about Nick Fury’s eye tho like now we know his modern distrust isn’t actually associated with that at all and have to wonder about what caused that.

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