Annette ★★½

ik i said i wouldn’t watch this movie in my holy motors review but leo’s carax has been tormenting my dreams ever since and maybe this film will provide closure for me. the only way i can discribe this is what would happen if we forced bo burnham to stay inside for a couple more weeks and left black hair dye on his front door. i honestly believed he would just start behaving like this. 

 i’m fairly confident i understood the absurdity of this film, at least more then i did with holy motors, but did i enjoy it? not sure. I started watching it with my family and after fifteen minutes it was just me and the dog. so i did manage to sit through the whole thing but i don’t think that’s saying much considering i sat through the new matrix movie while some guy was resting his bare feet on my seat (context for my matrix resurrection review, you’re welcome) but i watched annette from the comfort of my own home far away from creepy men yet i couldn’t help but feel like this movie was just Carax shoving his feet in my face. in a couple years maybe i’ll look back and think of him as some mad genius but for now I’m just annoyed at his existence. and am i crazy or does he kinda look like baby annette?

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