The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

I saw the trailer for this movie about 2 months ago and I immediately got hyped for it. I have to say that it isn’t exactly what I expected, but I do think it’s an absolutely amazing movie that probably can be watched many times. It’s filled with amazing acting, especially Tom Holland. This might even be my favourite role that he has played, it’s not what you would expect from him.

I like that the movie has a narrator, I usually do because it gives a film another feeling. It was used at the necessary points in the movie, and I can’t say that there was a single moment where something didn’t happen either. The main thing to why I’m not rating this higher is because it was a little bit too long, almost reaching the 2h 20min mark. It wasn’t too long though, it could’ve been worse.

If you’re into dark movies I think that you should definitely give this movie a shot. For those that are a bit sensitive to dramatic scenes I think that you should be aware that it will get quite severe at some parts.

Rating might change, still gathering my thoughts and feelings