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  • Kalel, 15

    Kalel, 15


    Despite the great cinematography and performances, the film could’ve been better.

    The advocacy of the film towards HIV awareness was overpowered by poverty porn. The film was actually going great until it started to focus on their lifestyle. I also think the ending could’ve been Kalel spitting on the statue. It just has too many arcs that shove HIV awareness to the corner.

    As opposed to what the film hasn't resolved, it is not wrong for women to want/crave for…

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    I have been dancing for as long as I can remember. I started training in ballet at the young age of 3 years old. I never really knew anything but dance. I thrived off of people's applause and compliments. I never felt nervous performing because I know as soon as I hear the music, dancing just felt like breathing.

    It felt like I lived to dance and danced to live. The injury, pain, and nerves get to me after I…

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  • as if nothing happened

    as if nothing happened

    the spaces and streets are all too familiar to me and that makes the film hit different. you can feel the sadness and emptiness in his voice and the cinematography also shows just that. AHHHH i'm so excited to see more from you, JT!!!!! ang ganda talaga ng boses mo kinilabutan ako. idol kita🥺

  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    hello everyone, just wanted to check in here because i haven't been on letterboxd in weeks.

    i realized that my viewing experience was slowly getting reduced to just getting to log as many films as i can and trying to please everyone with my reviews and ratings. it felt like i was just watching films for the sake of it and not because i love to watch films and want to create films in the future. it also felt like…

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  • 365 Days

    365 Days


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    what if you😳 kidnapped me🔗🙎🏻‍♀️✨ and you’re rich💸💫 and hot👅🔥💦 so i let you👀🧔🏻 plant a baby🌱👼🏻 on me🤰🏼🧚🏼✨ and we get married🥰💍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 👰 jk.... unless👁👄👁

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story

    It's Kind of a Funny Story

    maybe if i check myself in a psych ward and find a cute girl inside, we would fall in love then my depression will magically go away aha🤪

    also can we address the blatant racism in this movie? all the poc here are just like icebreaker stories u tell everyone at a party