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  • Evolution



    Very strange movie in a beautiful location, don’t really know what it’s all about but i loved it. The women in this movie are horrifying, very well done with almost being completely silent!

  • Pixote



    Raw and dirty, a movie i will never forget, from the start a emotionally brutal experience with beautiful natural acting. Pixote is in my head for a few days..

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  • I Stand Alone

    I Stand Alone


    How Gaspar Noe explains the whole life of the Butcher in the first minute is just insane, he creates so much pressure for the rest of the movie with that minute that i was hooked right away. This was Taxi Driver 2.0, hands down for Philippe Nahon.. 

    Last Gaspar Noe movie for me, maybe not the best one but definitely again unique in its kind. Raw, realistic and high tension, one of the best directors ever in my opinion!

  • Cure



    What a brilliant movie.. its like one big puzzle and every scene you get a piece of it. Very good acting on the part of the detective and the serial killer, every time his face shows up you get mesmerized by him.. just wow.. 
    Incredibly atmospheric and quiet movie, i loved it. Definitely going for a rewatch in the future to make the puzzle complete. 

    For me the best Kurosawa movie i’ve seen