Proxy ★★★

“Proxy” is an interesting thriller filled with twists and turns. Kevin Donner and Zach Parker (who also directed the feature) hold their cards tight, allowing the story to unfold with drama and purpose. At times this can be a bit lackluster. There are a lot of moving pieces, leaving “Proxy” a tad dull in the middle. Have no fear, there is a reason for every move. It quickly becomes apparent that none of these characters are trustworthy. Each has their own secret agenda, leaving others as pawns in the game of life. This makes it easy to point fingers at Esther and Melanie. Both characters are setup as victims, but get a little more devious as the movie progresses. Their manipulation games seem innocent enough. Esther loves the attention she receives as a pregnant woman and Melanie may not use the support group in its intended manner, but up front there is no obvious harm for anybody else. These two ladies have no business crossing paths, but in life throws curveballs from time to time, leaving an unlikely chain of events to unravel. Read the full review