Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★★

Man, you about to sell all your popcorn!

I don't know if DOLEMITE IS MY NAME is the best movie of 2019, but it may be my favorite. Just about every scene highlights not only the filmmakers' love for the material, but how much fun they had making it.

Eddie Murphy is fantastic as Rudy Ray Moore. There's a moment in which Keegan-Michael Key's Jerry Jones tells him that the things he's experienced in life, which Moore considers worthless, has entertainment value. Murphy's reaction is easy to miss, as it's probably less than a second, but in it, you see that revelation play out on his face, and it's fucking beautiful. I'm tearing up now just thinking about it.

The writing is spotless; the story flows and there are more quotable lines than you can shake a cane at. Eventually the underdog card feels repetitive, perhaps because by that point any savvy moviegoer knows that things will work out for our protagonists, but even then, it feels natural to their moment.

This is a must for any would be artist, filmmaker, or anyone who has a dream that might feel impossible. Hard is not impossible. Rudy Ray Moore willed Dolemite into existence and nearly 50 years later, those names live on, and this excellent tribute should help insure they're remembered. +1

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