Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

nothing matters.

that line being used both in a nihilist manner and in an optimistic way is very clever of them.

the influx of genres, meta perplexity, and stylistic weirdness made me think that this film is like the camp version of synecdoche new york.

one of the most innovative cinematography i have ever seen in cinema, specifically their utilization of artistic lighting and match cuts. the overwhelming editing, structure, and costume design also succor with the flowing flamboyance of the film. the intricate cinematic techniques, chilling score, and the constantly changing aspect ratios just left me at a plain state of beaming bewilderment.

michelle yeoh is so good that i think we should start campaigning now for her nominations in several awards. she definitely carried and devoured every role and every second she is in.

surrealism and dadaism at its finest, like what else have their credits being rolled in the middle of the film

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