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  • Theorem



    A strange and irresistibly attractive male figure arrives at a bourgeoisie residence in Milan, what transpires is ambiguous and open to interpretation. Part of it indeed feels mythical and there is a philosophical component as well. Though this might not be for everyone, some viewers might actually find this a bit boring and dated. "Theorem" does have a certain literal sense to it while still maintaining a contemporary quality that was forward thinking at the time. If you are looking…

  • Our Hospitality

    Our Hospitality


    Overly silly to a fault but it is Buster Keaton we are talking about so it's hard to hate the guy. Him along with Charlie Chaplin can practically be regarded as the grandfathers of action comedy. Buster Keaton seemed especially apt at displaying a certain charm that even today can still win over viewers. With his film here, "Our Hospitality", his charm becomes especially key as he becomes stuck in the middle of feuding families and the love of his…

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  • Mirror



    I'll keep this short and just say that this is the type of movie that is best to dive in without knowing too much about it. It is highly complex in nature and would require a viewer's up-most attention when watching this. It is one of those deeply personal stories that is incredibly poetic and mesmerizing. This can be a good example of what an art film should be like. It's quite hard to describe on what it is exactly…

  • Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire


    This one took me be surprise. It crept up a little slowly at first but eventually it did hook me in and I was not able to turn away if I could help it. The black and white makes one give more focus and appreciation to the imagery unfolding before our eyes and is a major advantage for the film's credibility. The language and dialogue used in this storyline is another huge asset worth noting as well. If one is…