Dead Ringers ★★★★½

It's about time I checked out another David Cronenberg film, "Videodrome" I enjoyed so much I added it to my small but humble blu-ray collection. Now I am at "Dead Ringers", a creepy story involving identical twins. In fact creepy does not even begin to describe it, it's more like a nightmarish mind trip than anything else. This film can fit quite nicely within the horror genre without a doubt. Fans will get a kick out of it while casual viewers will be left scratching their heads. With David Cronenberg at the helm though he allows things to unfold in a methodical and precise way that paves the way for his signature body horror/mutations for the climax. With "Dead Ringers" he definitely delivers. It's definitely not for everyone but if one can appreciate the twisted nature of the mind then this will be right up their alley. What makes Cronenberg films so unique though is that they are still able to retain a sense of cinematic beauty / poetry within the disturbing elements of the story. At times elevating the viewer into a dreamlike state. Other directors have certainly accomplished this feat too of course but Cronenberg does it in such a way that it all feels a bit more different, bizarre, and uncomfortable. It makes for great late night viewing material when one can't sleep and needs a good spook. Though maybe have a night light on just in case. With "Dead Ringers" Cronenberg pierces the subconscious mind as the identical twins reach maximal conflict and confusion in regards to each others' feelings and their own. Almost like "Freaky Friday" turned upside down and made for adults. "Dead Ringers" will test the viewers' patience but I say it definitely provides a worthwhile ending that won't be easy to forget. At the very least it will offer some good psychological food for thought. It definitely makes one think (and be grateful that we have sane minds unlike those in this movie, hopefully).