High and Low

High and Low ★★★★★

"High and Low" has some fantastic storytelling that really takes the viewer along for the ride. The craftsmanship and imagery here is a good representation of Kurosawa's work. What makes this film standout from the director's other films though is the excellent display of police work in solving this case which has received high praise throughout the years. It's a film that can be broken into two parts but each part compliments the other extremely well. Supposedly there are big differences in the film and the novel it is based on. The commentary on social class and standing is also extremely interesting and noteworthy. There are a few scenes that are so exciting and well-crafted here that it is no wonder how "High and Low" maintained its relevancy after all these years. It really makes the viewer think on the point of life and how evil can manifest in an individual. Actor Toshiro Mifune also deserves high praise for playing the conflicted businessman role so well. Overall it is a great Kurosawa film that feels real and human compared to other films in the crime/mystery genre. Should not be overlooked.

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