In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

In The Mood For Love is probably one of the most expertly crafted romance movies to ever grace the big screen. It has a lot of heart and care for its two main characters that so desperately desire intimacy. A wonderful tale of individuals that develop a deep passion for each other. Credit definitely has to be given to the two main actors for giving subtle but also fantastic performances. It really does a good job on blending romance with steamy sexual attraction. Watching the romance and the tension unfold is nothing short of marvelous. This film moves at a dreamlike pace with its melancholic atmosphere which ultimately makes for an unforgettable viewing experience. In The Mood For Love also gives an interesting take on one's values and how emotions can complicate those said values.

Very few other romance movies are this colorful both in content and visual style. In the end this movie is something that is hard to describe and one really need to watch it for themselves to be able to fully appreciate it. Hints of truth and fictional play are also present in this so keep that in mind while going in. As beautiful as it is don't forget there is also a sense of gloominess attached to this viewing experience. It is the type of romance movie that can be open to interpretation if one is willing to read between the lines but it can also act as a casual affair as well. Paying attention to the mood that is being displayed throughout the film is also recommended. It is rich with all sorts of little tricks and passing thoughts that makes In The Mood For Love highly recommended for repeated viewing.

It is a quiet sort of film with a great selection of background music to keep the story going. If anything this is less of a romance and more of a movie about repressed love and loneliness. With all of its differing qualities it is still a lovely film to admire. Probably one of the best romance movies ever made.

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