Repulsion ★★★★★

"Repulsion" may feel a bit dirty when watching it but it does get at an uncomfortable truth that must not be ignored. Catherine Deneuve in particular brings a special quality to this picture as a woman going through an extreme emotional and mental breakdown. "Repulsion" is the last the one I watched of Polanski's 'apartment trilogy'. All of them have a knock-out effect to them and this film in particular delivers a crushing blow to the senses and psyche. It almost never lags when it comes to pacing and had me glued to the screen throughout the whole runtime. Watching the process of our main female protagonist devolve into insanity and murder makes "Repulsion" feel fresh and unique, especially for its time. It takes us on a wild journey and doesn't let go until our main character is found practically collapsed on the ground (comatose perhaps) and the credits roll as she gets taken away by the very man she developed an irrational fear / obsession towards. Due to Polanski's real life troubles I have found "Repulsion" an even more interesting watch given its themes of sexuality, paranoia, and violence. That's a bit morbid I know but I feel its important to go beneath the surface and really try to analyze what really is at play here, especially when it comes to analyzing an artist's work, for better or worse. Its been an eye-opening experience to say the least, especially in the MeToo era. With that being said, not only does "Repulsion" function as a really good horror film, it also offers some serious food for thought, which I feel is what all horror films should try to strive for anyways.

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