Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

Dare I say that Sunset Boulevard is a true gem. It's one hell of a suspense film with some nice horror elements thrown in. The clash between the two main characters is also a lovely sight to behold. What Sunset Boulevard sets out to do is to shed light on Hollywood decadence. It is also interesting to see how the character Norma interacts to an ever changing world without realizing she is falling behind the pack. This film can also serve as a sort of black comedy. It plays around with the very ideas it brings up with a playful and yet methodical sort of attitude that makes one not sure of how to make of it. One thrilling idea that's worth noting is the idea of reality vs fiction. Though it first appears as a drama/trhiller there is also a satirical bite to Sunset Boulevard.

The casting did a good job at achieving this affect. Especially Gloria Swanson who I believe is the queen of crazy eyes. The film-making and camera shots are also what makes this a far above average movie going experience. Savage and warped tendencies are the name of the game in this thriller piece. The fact that this film has such a bleak outlook on its subject matter is also what makes this a standout from the rest. It is a Hollywood movie made about Hollywood itself. It almost feels like a cruel expose piece into the underbelly of Hollywood's affairs. This is also a film that pays tribute to the stars that have fallen out of popularity and recognition. It really is a brilliant film and dissection of popular culture.

The fear of becoming unknown and forgettable is something that way are all wary of which is why Sunset Boulevard works so well in that regard.

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