Jexi ★½

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I wanted to watch Jexi despite the obviously silly premise that looked like an obvious joke on "Her" because over the last couple of years I've actually become a pretty big fan of Adam Devine. Well despite the shitty script and horribly written jokes Adam Devin still manages to come out of it looking like a star, his comedic skill, likability and charisma managed to easily steal the show and at least gave me something positive to take from this wasteful joke of a film. The truth is aside from Adam this film has nothing to offer, the story is lazy and the comedy just isn't funny. The rest of the cast is meh and every important point in this film is just predictable and simple. The film is so shallow and poorly handled that whatever message was in this film collapse within the first few minutes and is never really discussed or becomes important. Jexi is a poorly written film that does nothing special and exists with no purpose. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone!

Rating- 1.1/10