The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

A24 Marathon Film #8

The Lighthouse

'How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two days? Help me to recollect."

The Lighthouse is a movie that not everyone will like but it is a movie that I absolutely loved. Lighthouse is twisted, demented and just horrific in the best way possible. You need to really appreciate cinema to enjoy this movie because it's so weird and unique. I'd understand why people wouldn't like this movie because there really isn't anything like it and you have to pay attention to every moment.

Going into the theatre I was worried that The Lighthouse would be very slow but I actually thought that the movie really flew by. The pacing is really strong and thanks to the creative and impressive writing the film really pulls you in immediately and I found myself giving the film my undivided attention and never getting distracted or taken out of the film at any moment. This movie is dark and I think the chilling and intense atmosphere complemented the themes and tones of this movie perfectly. It wasn't scary in a way that you will constantly be jumping out of your seat but just the ideas and themes the film deals with are just so creepy, disturbing, unsettling and just horrifying.

The acting was definitely the driving factor in what made this such a good film. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe were both absolutely incredible. They both legitimately delivered convincing, astonishing and breathtaking performances! With only two characters to focus on you would think the film wouldn't be as compelling but despite all the pressure weighing on the two actors they still manage to pull out two of the greatest and most captivating performances I've seen this decade taking this film to a whole other level. I definitely think that they both earned Oscar nominations and I really hope to see them get what they truly deserved. Going into this I heard a lot about how great Willem Dafoe was so I want to put emphasis on how incredible Robert Pattinson was in this movie. It was easily the best performance of his career and I honestly believe he managed to outshine his insanely talented costar, I'm really hoping he at least get nominated this year.

The technical aspect of this movie was also just flawless. I absolutely loved the production design of the film, it looked amazing, creepy, dark and gritty. You can definitely tell this crew put a ton of work into making this movie look as accurate and as creepy as possible and it turned out incredibly well. I loved the score for this film I really think it does a great job of making things more thrilling and suspenseful. Another thing that helped make this film so good was how suspenseful everything was, you couldn't predict what was going to happen so you really were always on the edge of your seat waiting for the next thing to happen. This movie just looks really good, it looks very accurate and realistic so I think this crew just nailed it perfectly. The cinematography for this movie is just gorgeous, the film looks incredible, the black and white compliments the movie perfectly and it's shot extremely well. I'm really in awe of Robert Eggers's genius. Robert Eggers is such an incredible director and writer I can definitely one of the greatest influencers and artists to touch the horror genre and I can't wait for his next project!

At the end of the day, The Lighthouse is a disturbing, demented, sinister and nearly flawless film that was worth every dollar I spent on my movie ticket. It was basically watching two people drift into insanity and yet every single moment was captivating. From the incredible directing to the amazing dialogue and writing, Robert Eggers proved to be one of the most talented filmmakers in Horror! This movie is genuinely creepy and disturbing so it definitely isn't easy to watch and I can understand why people wouldn't like this but to me, this is a true masterpiece of physiological horror cinema and I'm very happy with how great this movie really was.

Rating: 10/10

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