WALL·E ★★★★½

2021 Blu-Ray Watch #1

Wall .E is an astonishingly gorgeous film that manages to pull off something that at first glance seems nearly impossible.

I truly loved this film and one thing I especially loved was how captivating everything in this film truly was. I was shocked at how connected I was to the characters and the development of Wall .E and EVE even with the lack of dialogue. This film did an incredible job at showcasing in depth and complex emotions through the actions and body movements of the characters. It's crazy how well this film manages to nail complicated emotions in such unique and conveyed perspectives. I really wasn't expecting to see parts of myself in Wall .E and I was worried going in that it would be hard for me to care or relate to the character but the film completely nailed it and made a very open environment that kept me completely engaged in the film from the beginning to the end.

Wall .E is one of those rare cases where the film starts off really well and pulls you in immediately with it's fascinating premise and unique ideas and then capatalizes on these things perfectly in a way that only keep making you more interested in and more devoted to the film. Wall .E hooks you in from the beginning and once it captures your attention it never loses it. I also loved all the small things in this film and how detailed the film was, I mean there is so much great stuff going on in this film and none of it is overbearing and it all really adds onto the beauty of this film.

Wall .E is not only a beautiful exploration of it's two main characters but it's story and themes are all incredible and I love all the commentary on life and all the subtle more mature themes of this film. Without question the exploration of love and the importance/necessity of simply just connecting with something is without a doubt the shining part of this film and something I truly adored watching but even the themes about being to attached to AI and technology and how that can be dangerous was a really refreshing perspective and something I enjoy exploring much more then the typical "AI will kill you" storylines we've been fed over the last few years. This is a very smart film that understand emotion and knows how to take advantage of creating a strong connection between the film and it's audience and this pulls all of this off incredibly well.

Wall .E is filled with exciting, interesting, remarkable and refreshing characters on screen throughout the entirety of the film and that plays a huge part in how I was able to stay so connected to this beautiful film. The pacing, themes and tone of this movie was perfect and masterfully crafted. The animation of this film is gorgeous and absolutely stellar from the fantastic character design to the gorgeous world building and outside scenery Wall .E is just truly a beautiful film to look at. Another thing I was really impressed with was the fantastic sound design, everything from the mixing to the audio Volume really was incredible and helped make a more engaging experience. I also loved the original score of this film, the music was beautifully romantic and added tons of character to the scenes! Wall .E is a gorgeous film with a fantastic and interesting narrative! The film doesn't do much wrong and I'd recommend this film to just about anyone!

Rating - 9.5/10

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