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  • Guest House

    Guest House

    This film takes a pretty unexpected turn after what I expected this film to be 10 minutes in. So for that I give it some credit for taking a route that couldn't have been predicted but aside from that there isn't a single good thing about this movie. It's pretty horrible in every way.

  • The Do-Over

    The Do-Over

    The Do-Over isn't necessarily terrible but it's something that's arguably worse and that's just plain and boring. Even when it comes to the bottom of the horrible Adam Sandler films you can normally expect to see Adam Sandler bring his Sandler charm but in this film, you can just see how little he cared and you can see his lack of effort and he feels like a completely different person because of it. So not only is everyone phoning in…

  • Private School

    Private School

    I liked the music, that's about it.

  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery is always on the brink of being funny and entertaining but is just so damn corny and over the top. They use boring storylines as a way to develop characters despite them being irrelevant to the overall story and no one was really likeable. What I normally like about Adam Sandler movies is despite how bad some of them can be everyone is pretty likeable but I found it hard to care about or even root for anyone. All the twists were just boring and felt useless.

  • Holiday Rush

    Holiday Rush

    I don't have a lot say about this film other then it's just really bad but I want to post at least one review every day for the rest of the year and I'm working on a lot of reviews for films I actually have something to say about so look out for those. Anyways Holiday Rush is a bad movie not just because of how ridiculous and ludicrous the writing and execution was but because the film didn't know…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant

    The most recent installment of the Alien series and the direct sequel of Prometheus had a ton of great potential and huge amounts of support just to end up as a huge bloated, boring and disappointing sad attempt at a creepy exciting thriller movie that was basically only made to get money off of the popular movie franchise.

    Not only were some of the scenes and dialogue so bad they were laughable but some of the acting performances were just…

  • Annabelle Comes Home

    Annabelle Comes Home

    I just don't think it really compares to Annabelle Creation. This just felt really over the top and it just didn't work for me. The movie was boring and the acting was subpar. The movie also wasn't scary at all for me so there wasn't really anything that really drew me in. Might do a more in-depth review for this later but I just didn't enjoy it at all.

    Rating: 1.7/10

  • Between Two Ferns: The Movie

    Between Two Ferns: The Movie

    Between Two Ferns is a bad movie. Mainly because it isn't really much of a movie. Nothing really interesting happens, it's kind of funny at times but most of the comedy misses, the plot is just stupid, the writing sucks and the movie is super predictable and just boring. I can see how the concept could be somewhat appealing but the execution of all the ideas introduced was just poor and lazy. In terms of acting, characters, dialogue and story…

  • The Possession of Hannah Grace

    The Possession of Hannah Grace

    The Possession Of Hannah Grace is boring, predictable and just not entertaining. At first, I kind of liked the movie but after maybe 10-15 minutes the film got extremely boring and the horrible pacing didn't help that at all. In terms of horror, the movie isn't really scary, it doesn't add much to the genre and is really just generic. With that being said I thought the cast overall was solid and the camera work in the movie wasn't horrid…

  • Sextuplets


    Sextuplets is predictable, boring, poorly written, messy and all over the place but at times I found myself laughing at the mess and stupidity on screen. I've always been a huge fan of Marlon Wayans but his latest projects with Netflix haven't been any good and Sextuplets isn't much different content or comedy-wise. In terms of Tone and Pacing this movie is pretty easy to watch and since it's fast-paced time goes by quickly but the biggest issue is that…

  • What Men Want

    What Men Want

    What Men Want is annoying, loud, unbearable and unrealistically over the top. The biggest problem with this movie is how boring it honestly is. Like it's not funny and all the characters suck so I don't find anything that happens actually interesting. I originally agreed to watch this movie with my girlfriend just because it had Tracy Morgan in it and I've always been a fan of him but he doesn't play a huge role in this movie and isn't…

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die is very slow and it doesn't work at all. This 1hr and 40 minute film felt like it was nearly 2 and a half hours long. The movie starts off in an interesting way but then after they discover the first crime scene this movie really starts to drag along and starts really falling apart. I honestly can't think of any real redeeming things in this movie after that scene. I mean outside of Steve Buscemi…