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  • Magic Camp

    Magic Camp


    2021 Disney+ Watch #1 -

    I just recently subscribed to Disney+ since I got two free months due to some partnership they are doing with Fortnite and I really wanted to watch The Mandalorian and the mcu shows that will be coming soon so I decided I may as well get on board early. While browsing through Disney's catalog I was very shocked to come across this film Magic Camp that happens to stars two of my favorite actors in…

  • Half Baked

    Half Baked


    Definitely funny but doesn't really have much else to offer. Still a fun and crazy watch that I think a lot of people would enjoy!

  • Hairspray



    I had to watch this for Drama and honestly I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to, the music was great, the cast was likeable yet it has one big issue and that's the lack of identity and style the film has. It doesn't feel unique, special or different it really just feels generic and simple. Lots of great moments but the film doesn't know what it wants to be and because of that the film gets ruined time and time again.

    Rating: 5.7/10

  • Stuber



    I watched this movie like a week ago but I wanted to write a full review for my website so I put this entry off and then I realized today that I have nothing to really say about this movie. It was average at best, funny at times, a little charming but with no real heart or motivation. Nothing very interesting and at times can definitely be boring. A movie you can have fun with especially with a family but…

  • Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    Always Be My Maybe is a generic and predictable film that doesn't really throw any unsuspecting curve balls or do anything to really expand on the genre. I will admit I loved the addition of Keanu Reeves in this movie, I mean those were without a doubt the best moments in this film. The movie can b very corny but I did like that most of the film felt pretty realistic, I mean it could go over the top especially…

  • Haunt



    Haunt isn't necessarily a poorly made film, it's actually pretty well shot and at times feels visually haunting. The film is also well set up with a fantastic, creepy and uncomfortable atmosphere that at times made me feel like I was in the character's shoes experiencing this way too real haunted house. Yet, I still left the movie feeling unsatisfied which is the biggest problem I have with horror one-night slasher films like this. The movie is also fairly predictable…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    It Chapter 2 is boring, long and often unbearable to watch, yet a phenomenal performance by Bill Hader who carries this movie almost makes the entire experience worthwhile. Don't get me wrong, this movie had some great moments and introduces some great ideas but the film is just so long and dragged out that the overall film is just hard to watch. The movie actually starts off really well with a fantastic opening scene which introduces two new and interesting…

  • Ma



    Ma is a movie that takes an unexpecting and refreshing turn. I thought that this movie was going to be completely different based on the trailers but to my surprise, this movie was a lot different and felt quite unique at times. Even with it taking the unexpected turn the movie is still very boring after I'd day the first 10-15 minutes. Like the twist is only unexpected based on what the trailers presented but after the first 10-15 minutes,…

  • Burnt



    Before I watched Burnt I decided to check the rating it had on letterboxd and Immediately I realized a lot of the top reviews for this movie gave it a low rating and for some reason that surprised me. See when it first came out I watched a lot of youtube and all the movie lovers/BluRay collectors on there loved this movie so I always had high expectations for it. Now after final finishing the movie I understand why so…

  • Big Stan

    Big Stan


    Big Stan: 2.5/5
    Review- Big Stan works well for what it is. It's just supposed to be a fun movie you can turn your brain off to and just enjoy watching the film. The acting is overall mediocre but the goofy comedy is simply just fun to watch. I actually enjoyed the story for the most part despite it being very generic. Overall I enjoyed this movie for what it was even if it wasn't much.
    Also how can you…

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    So so so weird but not in a bad way. I did enjoy many of the performances and the overall style of the film but sadly I found the story to be very bland and uninteresting.