Emma. ★★★½

I've just sat through an episode of Girls for my Baby Koala Boo Boo Ben Mendelsohn. I literally endured several minutes of Lena Dunham for him. The episode began, of course, given how gross that woman is, with a scene where she is pissing at the train station. AT the train station. Not in the toilet, like an actual human being, but right there next to the goddamn tracks, ass out and everything.

I think the only thing more impressive than me watching this just because he was in this episode would be if I gave him my kidney.


Anyways, I needed to cleanse my palate and my soul and my eyes after that.

Being the disaster that I am, I actually never saw any adaptation of Emma. And what's even more disturbing, considering my fondness for all things 90's and Paul Rudd, I never even saw Clueless. So I was completely unfamiliar with this story.

I loved Anya Taylor-Joy ever since I was rooting for her to murder her entire shitty family in The VVitch. Bill Nighy, Miranda Hart and Mia Goth are always wonderful to watch and Gemma Whelan deserves all the love, just like most of the cast members on Game of Thrones final seasons.

The pacing is not the greatest but the film is an absolute delight - it's romantic, sweet, lovely and has a lot of humor. The cast does a wonderful job - Anya is splendid and Josh O'Connor nearly steals the show. It's also gorgeously shot and the costume design is amazing!

Also I'm not surprised a woman directed it - it's gotta be the first movie based on Austen's novel where you get to see a man's bare ass. Immediately I knew this must be the guy she ends up with since they showed us something so important about him so quickly.

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