Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

One of my best experiences when it comes to watching films in the cinema was witnessing how pale and freaked out every guy in the room was right after that ending.

This is my third favorite movie of all time. I really don't think anyone involved in this film can ever do better than this. It doesn't have a single flaw other than Flynn letting Fincher tip the scales a bit too much in Nick's favor and not exploring Amy's character and her past enough to give the audience better understanding as to why and how she became like this.

But these are nitpicks. Thanks to Pike's incredible performance the very specific female kind of anger that Flynn describes so perfectly in her novels still comes through even with the man directing the film. It's amazing how much substance Fincher manages to put in his movies - most of the series and mini series with so many episodes tell us less about characters and their pasts than his films do. He only needs one shot of a character throwing somebody a look or one line delivery to tell us so much - about Amy's mother's cold nature, about Amy's contempt for other women, about Nick's foolishness and his need to feel like he is in charge when in reality he constantly needs someone to point him in the right direction.

The casting in this is probably the best casting ever. Every single person here is perfect in the role and Tyler Perry's Tanner Bolt may be my favorite movie lawyer of all time.

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