Skyfall ★★★★

Yes, I rewatched it again. I had to watch something I know is decent in between all the turds that keep landing on ITunes that I inexplicably rewatch.

Also I gotta say I quite like working from home now, even if I was working until 9 PM today. My big coffee mug is here, I don't need to wear uncomfortable pretty clothes hence I am free to look like a mess and I can sing along to Adele's Skyfall as I work, which I wouldn't be able to do in the office (I mean I could....but why should the others suffer?).

Speaking of fun jobs, there's an actress in this movie whose ONLY job was getting naked, being lifted and pushed against a wall by Craig and making out with him and then touching him as she was lying next to him on a bed. This is all she did here and I assume she got paid for this. Were there auditions for this? Were there tryouts like in The Dark Knight? Did Sam Mendes literally break pool cues in half, dropped them on the floor and was like "let's go!"?

I have so many questions.

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