The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Beware a hot priest.

I love Southern vibes and accurate representations of organized religion's unique ability to breed absolute psychopaths. The Devil all the Time has both of those things and an outstanding cast, all of them delivering great work. Robert Pattinson yet again effortlessly steals the show, this time playing a sleazy preacher with a ridiculously over the top accent. The scene where he denies being a father of a certain baby is so tragic and darkly funny at the same time. If you thought he was entertaining to watch in The King just wait till you see this. Jason Clarke and Riley Keough share an arc worthy of a separate movie of their own. And someone truly needs to stage an intervention for Eliza Scanlen and demand she plays a character with cheerful storyline for once.

The voice-over is entirely unnecessary and at times annoying, it tells us absolutely nothing we can't deduce ourselves. The story in the first 1/3 of the film is really not that engaging and it could have been told in few flashbacks instead. Neither Skarsgård, Bennett nor Wasikowska had enough to do there for it to be a waste if it was cut entirely. Remove that and you have the time to flesh out the remaining characters, which were frankly much more interesting than the majority of those we followed for the first 45 minutes.

The thought of all those teenagers rushing home after school today to watch THIS for their Marvel actors and Battinson makes me laugh so hard. It will become one of Netflix's most popular movies yet thanks to the cast but in spite of great performances, cinematography and soundtrack it's another wasted opportunity from the streaming giant. With their track record, I'm beginning to think David Fincher's new movie, arriving some time next month, will be his worst since Alien 3.

PS: Quick aftermath shot aside, the much talked about 'graphic' dog scene is nowhere near as bad as the one in John Wick. In fact the whole film is quite tame comparing to what I was expecting.

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