The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★

Turns out nihilists are something to be afraid of.

David Prior, the director of this film, is apparantely "David Fincher’s protégé" and he clearly picked up few things from the master because this is very well directed. This film also reminded me of Mike Flanagan's movies, with its epic length and meticulous world-building. If only it didn't have a dumbass twist that creates so much confusion and so many plot holes. I had to Google what the shit happened because It's so rushed and poorly written in the actual movie and it's still just utter nonsense.

I was hoping to have "wow, what an underrated and underseen gem" reaction like with last year's terrific I See You (btw Owen Teague is in both) and while this is nowhere near its level (as well done as the opening is, it added 21 minutes to the runtime and wasn't necessary plus it established we are dealing with the supernatural, ambiguity is always better at the start), it's engaging and stylish. The score and the cinematography are fantastic and help create very creepy atmosphere. They protagonist is very typical but James Badge Dale is a great lead and makes you care about him.

tw: a dead dog (there's other triggering stuff here but only sexual assault or dogs being treated with anything other than love are my triggers)

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