Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

I liked it even less this time but maybe that's just because I'm in bad mood since Wonder Woman 1984 got pushed back again. Not even seeing these adorable pictures of HIM being so bad when it comes to blending in helped.

The film is just....unpleasant. All the abuse/abortion flashbacks on their own achieve that, but the sex scenes between Cage and Dern are quite disturbing - you don't really feel love or passion, there is no heat there. It's all so...mechanical. It's Cage's fault, he is so wooden in this movie.

There's a lot of good here - Dern and Ladd are very good (Sherilyn Fenn steals the show though) the Wizard of Oz references are fun and that aftermath of the crash scene is remarkable, but overall it's just a very tiring movie.

And forget BOB and the Bum behind Winkies, Willem Dafoe in this film is the scariest Lynchian creature.

Additional half star for Wicked Game.

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