The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit ★★★★★

Can't remember the last time a tv show made me feel this happy :) The fact that this show single-handedly was able to cause a revolution in the global outlook towards Chess speaks volumes about its greatness. Yes there are downsides too, I felt the story to lag a bit around the penultimate episode when they shifted the focus away from chess and onto Beth's personal struggles. And I feel some of the side characters and the relationship with them could have been done better, but considering the fact that it's a limited series with just 7 episodes, they did a pretty good job with that as well. But God Oh God, how this piece of art surpasses some major films and dramas about massively popular sports like football, cricket or wrestling in it's sheer excitement and thrill and how they were able to make a 10/10 show about chess is enough to make me cry.

5 stars for making the whole world love the beauty that is chess again :D

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