Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★

It's okay. There's plenty of great stuff to like about it, but sadly I was just uninvested the whole time.

The animation is fantastic as well as the action scenes. Ghost in the Shell has a really neat cyberpunk aesthetic to the setting, and even contains a few quiet moments. One of the best scenes of the film is in which our protagonist is strolling through the city, seeing all the sights with no dialogue. It's a nice scene where our character takes life in and contemplates her existence.

However, most of this was bogged down to me by it's story. I was confused for most of the film and the story even seemed kind of insignificant, especially when compared to the films themes.

About that, I wasn't all that much provoked by the themes of Ghost in the Shell. This film is slightly older, so perhaps these ideas were fairly new at the time but I found the whole "What does it mean to be human?" motive not that interesting and done better in other media. It's not done as well as something like Blade Runner, and is just kind of generic "Do robots have souls?" kind of stuff.

I really thought I would've loved this movie, but disappointingly I just could not be invested in this, and was kind of bored at times or waiting for something to happen. The ending is rather anti-climactic too, and while the character did grow, there was nothing new or surprising for me anyway.

I like the art style, but the story and themes just ceased to captivate me. I like it but not that much. Sorry... But I do like it!...ish