Hush ★★

I'm kind of surprised how many people liked this movie because I thought it kind of sucked. Perhaps it wasn't unbearable or offensive, but I thought it was just kind of boring. The plot is just another bland home invasion movie with the gimmick hardly being touched on or explored.

I really did not like the villain and felt like it was bad casting choice on their part. The face reveal comes way too early, and for the rest of the film I just can't buy this guy as a kind of stalker or menace. We don't even know his motivations. I know that not every villain needs a clear motivation or backstory, but he's not mysterious enough hence the symbolic removal of the mask. There's a couple scenes in which we watch the villain kind of do his own thing outside the house, talking to himself, playing with the cat. He's neither interesting nor mysterious and I didn't care for the actor very much either.

There could have been some really brilliant moments with our protagonists deafness, but there's really only a couple moments in which it's crucial. Most of the film her handicap has nothing to do with any of the scenes and we're never reminded of her disability and how that can increase the thrills.

It's hard for me to pinpoint anything else, as I was just bored. I never saw anything creative or impressive in this movie rather it just felt very predictable, and uninspired. Many like this so see it if you want, but I was fairly underwhelmed.