Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★

Some quick thoughts on Lady Bird: Did I like it? Yes. Do I think it should be nominated for Best Picture? Not really.

Now don't worry, that doesn't decrease my enjoyment of the film, I try hard not to let external elements effect my opinion, but because it's oscar time and everyone else is doing it, I'll add my thoughts.

The acting is terrific from pretty much every cast member. They all manage to be charming and humorous, but also sympathetic. The script is one of the films strongest points. It captures moments in a young woman's day to day life, bringing you back to your own adolescence in a way that helps you better accept some of the things that happen. For instance Lady Bird can be unlikable at times, but while watching this I remembered "I was a shitty person too at that age, and I might have done something like that"

However the story isn't perfect. It's filled with a lot of cliches and not everything is that funny or engaging. A chuckled a couple times, but this is just below the line of what I would call 'a funny movie'. The worst subplot is the cool kids arc, where Lady Bird abandons her best friend and hangs out with the cool kids but then feels bad and apologizes the best friend, and hardly stayed focused on that sentence you were so bored of that trope? There isn't even a reason for Lady Bird leaving her friend. I'm trying to think of the exact moment when she left, but I can't. She just suddenly joins up with them, because she's a piece of shit. The best subplot on the other hand is the mother-daughter relationship which is handled wonderfully. It's probably one of the best portrayals of this relationship I've seen on screen. The two don't get along very well, but have their cathartic moments. Both parents in this are actually great and feel so real, and not everything really ties up in a nice little bow at the end.

It does manage to show how Lady Bird's consequences do effect her, and she did grow a little bit toward the end. While the writing is detailed, quirky, and a little bit differently structured, not everything works and the events and character study aren't that good. I keep talking about the story, because the directing and camerawork, were passably good, but not great. It's a film for the script and performances, which is completely fine, but they put more focus on the substantial components, and while they're just not that impressive to me, it still comes off as a solid good to me.

I know a lot of people were giving this 5/5's and that's cool, but it didn't quite resonate with me that much. And although I think best picture is a little too much, I'd certainly rather have it then "Darkest Hour" or "The Post" A good movie (that's a compliment) I recommend it to all!