Kinotherapy has written 2 reviews for films rated during 2017.

  • Atlas Shrugged: Part I

    Atlas Shrugged: Part I

    This week I watched Atlas Shrugged. Yes, really. No I was not forced to by my right-winged relative, nor did I have to watch this for a class. I deliberately picked it up at my library and watched it. Why? Well, because I want to be more open to different movies. I don't want to avoid a movie just because I heard some people didn't like it, even if it's as bad as this film. Also I think it's good…

  • Even Dwarfs Started Small

    Even Dwarfs Started Small

    Letterboxd: a community where Woody Allen's "What's Up Tiger Lily" is bashed, but this shit is apparently comedy gold.

    F*ck this movie. I hate this film. A lot. This movie is one of the worst cinematic experiences I have ever had. I have a deep burning passion for my contempt of this film. If I had a choice to start the world over again, and I could remove one thing either, Mosquitos, The Holocaust, or this movie... well I think…