Kinotherapy has written 4 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2019.

  • Hush


    I'm kind of surprised how many people liked this movie because I thought it kind of sucked. Perhaps it wasn't unbearable or offensive, but I thought it was just kind of boring. The plot is just another bland home invasion movie with the gimmick hardly being touched on or explored.

    I really did not like the villain and felt like it was bad casting choice on their part. The face reveal comes way too early, and for the rest of…

  • THX 1138

    THX 1138

    I just found it so boring. My use of the word boring is different than how others would describe a movie as 'boring'. I love slow-burning, thought-provoking films, their one of my favorite types of movies; however, with those it feels like there's something building up. In a Tarkovsky film we're always learning or experiencing something. With George Lucas' "THX 1138" I could hardly believe how uninvested I was in this!

    It's hard for me to say why, but as…

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam

    The worst movie I've seen over and over again.

    I feel it's safe to say that this is a lot of people's, if not everyone's, guilty pleasure, and I watched it a lot as a kid and, admittedly even a teen just looking for some nostalgia; however Space Jam just gets worse and more embarrassing every time I watch it. That's really the only thing any adult can gain from this film: Nostalgia, and not really from any memorable moments,…

  • Palo Alto

    Palo Alto

    Ugh, seriously?

    Saw a couple of my new friends share about how they love this movie, which only reminded me of how much I hate it.

    Right off the bat I'll just that I hate teen films (or at least the majority of them) So many of the comedies just tread the same tropes of parties, sex, drugs (American Pie, Porky's,) and the dramas take themselves WAY too seriously (One Tree Hill, LIfe is Strange, any ABC show, or the…