Kinotherapy has written 21 reviews for films rated ★★★★★ during 2017.

  • The Devil's Backbone

    The Devil's Backbone


    "A ghost is what I am"

    In the midst of Del Toro's eponymous return, with "The Shape of Water" I thought I should revisit some of his previous films. And I really want to shed light on one an underrated classic, most people strangely overlook in the shadow of his masterpiece "Pan's Labyrinth" Oh "The Devil's Backbone" was quite a success, upon it's release and even up to now. It received highly positive reviews, and currently holds a 92 on…

  • Zazie dans le Métro

    Zazie dans le Métro



    This film is, the greatest film I have ever seen! I say that more subjectively as this may not be everybody's sense of humor, but for me, this kind of comedy was right up my alley. I could call "Zazie dans le Metro" crazy, I could call it wacky, I could call it zany, but those words sound too tame for this trip I just witnessed. This movie is Off the Wall, Freakin' Nuts! It's insane! This movie makes…

  • Carol



    I'm nearly convinced that this is a flawless movie. "Carol" is beautiful in every way a film can be. I know a 'perfect' film is impossible, but I take no issue with this movie whatsoever. From the opening shot, I had been transported to Christmas in the 1950's and hadn't left until the credits rolled. The colors, the music, the sets had me immediately infatuated.

    The tale of two woman who meet and partake in a daring affair, centers around…

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


    When I first saw Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, I didn't laugh all that much. Having come off of watching rip-roaring comedies from The Marx Bros or Buster Keaton, this film at first seemed ill in comparison. But like any Kubrick film, after a few more viewings, I now am convinced how perfectly Dr. Strangelove works not just as a comedy, but as a film. I flawlessly shot, brilliantly acted…

  • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

    Once Upon a Time in Anatolia


    So yeah... this is one of the best films I've ever seen!

    I think any film titled "Once Upon a Time in..." is bound to be a masterpiece, because this film blew me away, just like a couple other masterpieces everyone should be familiar with! This film has been compared by some as being like "No Country for Old Men" I would say yes, it's a little similar, but more like if it was directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, and even…

  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita


    When I first Watched Fellini's masterpiece (or one of them anyway) I loved it but I had a slight problem with it, although when I think about it, the issue is actually more of a compliment to the film rather than a criticism. So it's the second story, quite possibly the most famous one, involving Sylvia played by Anita Ekberg. It was beautiful, as beautiful as Ekberg herself. I adored this character, who wasn't a stuck up Hollywood actress but…

  • Man with a Movie Camera

    Man with a Movie Camera


    So real, yet so magical. A documentary, but it feels pure fiction. So carefree in it's style, yet has a purposeful narrative. Flowing with authenticity and imagination. A realistic documentary, yet a highly experimental film in the long run. There's no Structure, yet everything is placed in just the perfect position to tell a story with no point, yet the greatest point in all of cinema.

    Yesterday morning I watched "Man with a Movie Camera". Obviously because I'm writing about…

  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    Every kid dreams of running away. Chris McCandless is the only one to do it.

    I've been seeing a lot of Christopher McCandless pop up in my life for some reason. Not that this is a bad thing, in fact it's quite the opposite! You can never have too much of Into the Wild's profound beauty expressed through the simple-natured Alexander Supertramp. So I feel like this is a sign to review one of my favorite movies, a film so…

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    10th or more viewing, and every time, this movie just gets better and better! I love showing this to people, and other times (although this doesn't happen often) I'll have nothing to do for the day, and feel like being taken on a magnificent journey yet again by Hayao Miyazaki! Every time I watch Spirited Away there's always something else I get out of it, something I never thought of or noticed before. I love when films evolve and grow…

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Wow. I'm speechless. This is the most frightening non-horror movie I've ever seen. I usually start out the review with a corny joke, but, I'm in no mood for that right now.

    What kind of film fan am I to have only just now seen Come and See? The greatest anti-war film of all time, and possibly my new favorite. The cinematography, the sound design, the characters, the horror! it's a complete masterpiece!

    It's impossible to talk about this film…

  • When Marnie Was There

    When Marnie Was There


    A while ago, I officially watched every single film from Studio Ghibli, with my final entry being this film. It's sad to know that there are no more, and we may not get any new Ghibli soon, but I'm happy to say that my last Studio Ghibli film became one of my favorites!

    This reminded me of everything that makes the Ghibli movies special and just why I love them. It's magical, sweet, simple, sincere. It's full of gorgeous animation,…

  • Horace and Pete

    Horace and Pete


    So a while ago I posted a more humorous review of this series and meant to write my real thoughts on this soon after. (Guess that plan didn't work out so well) My first review I basically just went on about how heart-wrenching this show is. But in all honesty as sad as this show can be, Horace and Pete is one of the best peices of art to emerge in our time.

    The first episode floored me. It's theatre-like…