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This review may contain spoilers.

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A very beautiful movie that exceeded and also met a lot of my expectations. Its no wonder this was very mainstream as its the exact sort of thing to go mainstream. Much better than the film that was often compared to it last year, Jojo Rabbit, and makes me think lesser of it after having watched its spiritual successor. The first half is definitely better than the second as it becomes a bit too weirdly paced and the 'funny man lying to his son' schtick gets old quick. In the first half, it was like an old slapstick film with the romance and all the well plotted out gags and all interlink, there the film feels quick and lively and fast paced. In the second half thats all gone, for a purpose, but instead of just slowing down the pace they grind it to a hault and then hack it up with a meat cleaver for good measure. Very stop and start, and a lot of it just didn't make me laugh and just fell flat on its face. Things are also too convenient for him until it just so happened to not be for the film to have an emotional ending. I thought I would feel more emotional but I only got teary eyed in the moments where the protagonist went above and beyond to let his wife know him and their son were still alive. Alongside the moment where he encounters the piles of dead bodies which was pretty haunting. Anyway, this was good, but not great.

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