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  • Dune



    A bit dry.

    Villeneuve has already done both the revamped 80's throwback sci-fi and the space and time bending save-the-world narrative before, but with more verve, and more succinctly. When almost all Dune's energy is spent building out Frank Herbert's world while rarely fully inhabiting it—and its essence—it's a testament to the people involved, the creativity and the novelty that Dune is as good as it is.

    Stray note

    "I don't get what the point was... For anything? I didn't get anything? Why did anything happen? What was anything?"

    —the American lady in front of me, who I'm not necessarily disagreeing with.

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    When Michael is just conveniently immortal and everyone else in town trying to stop him is a fucking moron—and none of them matter anyway—nothing registers. Too busy counting bodies and quipping/narrating over every self-serious story beat that it forgot Halloween, and Halloween, can be fun.

    Almost gave an extra star for getting Judy Greer, in a Christmas jumper, to do a kerb stomp. Not tonight, but I appreciate it anyway.

    Examples of people doing stupid shit:
    A woman shoots her…

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    Labourious, perverse. Supposedly, this film is a reaction to critic Katie Walsh's (hilarious, truthful) slaughtering of Assassination Nation. What's pretty messed up is Levinson choosing to vent this frustration at someone not understanding his "art" through black voices.

    Malcolm spends considerable time and bile in denigrating this woman critic (the emphasis on her being a woman is startling) for daring to damn his depiction of violence towards women and misjudged feminist soapboxing. And so, when he and Marie start to…

  • Thin Watermelon

    Thin Watermelon


    Pushes the boundaries of experimental cinema, but leaves us longing for more... Or less... Can it be thinner? The question will haunt my very existence.