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Wes Edwards


"Don't start trying to do the right thing, boyo. You haven't had the practice."

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  • Blazing Saddles
  • Y Tu Mamá También
  • The Children Are Watching Us
  • Waiting for Guffman

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  • Octopus


  • The Children Are Watching Us


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  • All In: The Fight for Democracy

    All In: The Fight for Democracy

    Juneteenth is a day for celebration, reflection and resolve.

    It is a significant day in our history. According to the Smithsonian, "Even though the Emancipation Proclamation was made effective in 1863, it could not be implemented in places still under Confederate control. As a result, in the westernmost Confederate state of Texas, enslaved people would not be free until much later. Freedom finally came on June 19, 1865, when some 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas. The army…

  • Hereditary


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I had an unusual reaction to this movie. Annoyance.

    The filmmakers show enormous technical and creative skill. This is a well-crafted movie, with command of tone and story from the first frame to the last. No shot is wasted.

    But about that story... What is its message? In particular, how is this film describing or commenting on mental illness? Horror films often use mental illness as a thematic or character point. It’s a trope. In fact, it is so routine…

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  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in three different stories - “Adelina” in Naples, “Anna” in Milan and “Mara” in Rome.

    This is a comic-romantic anthology and mostly a showcase for the two leads, who bring their effortless charm and charisma to the stories. As with most anthologies, the work is uneven and here the richest story is the first, though the third has the iconic moment of Mastroianni howling as Loren teases in lingerie.

    This is miles from the first…

  • Octopus


    "And who had the giant octopus, extra cheese, Russian dressing?"

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  • The Children Are Watching Us

    The Children Are Watching Us


    [Restored version, 2000]

    “Daddy, I brought back a starfish. It cost me a lira. Ulrico sold it to me…”
    “Where did Mommy go?”
    “I don’t know.”

    Lord have mercy, if a movie ever just about ripped me in two, this one did.

    If you’ve seen The Bicycle Thief or Shoeshine, you may be prepared for Vittorio De Sica’s film about a family in crisis and a broken childhood. But probably not. This movie is an emotional wallop.

    Think of Kramer…

  • Wings



    [Paramount restored version, 2012]

    Some older films get on your watchlist because you feel you should watch them: They’re important in some way, they were groundbreaking or they were very big in their day. They deserve a watch and they’ll do you good.

    Forget that with Wings. Yes, all that is true, but you should watch this because it’s just a straight-up great movie. It’s gripping, it’s entertaining, it’s moving. It has some incredible action sequences. Overall, it is far…