The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The holy mountain completely and utterly transcends what it means to be a film, a narrative or a piece of fiction in any way. In fact it goes so far beyond those terms that it doesn't even feel right comparing it to other films or giving it a rating on the same scale.
The surrealism and the imagery presented throughout the film is haunting and beautiful simultaneously, it's shot brilliantly but what you're looking at is, more often that not, ugly or grotesque in some way, I feel like this is what Jodorowsky was trying to say about the world.
At the beginning I definitely had trouble with getting into the film, I was enjoying it and amazed by what was happening as I had never seen something like this before but as time went on I started to understand most of what was reflected through the imagery. Everything that is shown means something, despite the crazy production design and especially costumes making the film look unique but also pretty weird and random, it is all 100% needed, as every charecter and colour is a message that is being subtly shown to us. The environment and atmosphere of the holy mountain is unlike any other and the score only adds to that feeling.
You truly feel like you are being transported away to another world when watching, it's one of the most immersive film experiences you could ever have.
I can totally understand why this film might not be for everyone but it's nearly perfect for me, the ending is beautifully symbolic and every single line of dialogue is layered, intricate and fits in with portraying this films many themes.
Jodorowsky is a genius.