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  • Asyl: Park and Love Hotel

    Asyl: Park and Love Hotel


    Being lonely itself does little harm when compared to being fettered by craving for warmth, companionship, escape from the mundanities and ultimately denial compounded together with the state of prolonged solitary. One of the immediate remedies that people seek of is to break the mundaneness from the customary life patterns, and the easiest way to do so is by inviting new or old strangers, whether deliberately or incidentally, into one’s orbit. Doing so invites a series of new possibilities that…

  • The Convert

    The Convert


    It's funny that movie like this can causes uproar in Malaysia, sometimes people are pretty fucking stupid.

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  • Suzhou River

    Suzhou River


    A story of a teenager who likes fapping and Suzhou River. (not my review)

    I was 17 during 2007, just got on my first senior year. The raddest book I've ever read was entire work collection of Gu Long. I was a retard, and of course still is a retard. Just like every other countryside self-deprecating, wretched, mess around, waiting to die teenager, friendless and nothing to be happy of, I feel as if my life will stay this way…

  • Amadeus



    Alphabet Club #1

    The moment that leads up to Mozart’s unfinished work being locked in a glass cabinet, a culmination of rivalry between mediocrity and talent, Amadeus amazes me as my first attempt on Milos Forman’s work.

    A movie about a one-sided rivalry that sprung from jealousy, Salieri is painfully aware of his own mediocrity when it comes to music ever since he met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart is a man who lacks finesse in courtship, his immatureness and insolence…