Amadeus ★★★★½

Alphabet Club #1

The moment that leads up to Mozart’s unfinished work being locked in a glass cabinet, a culmination of rivalry between mediocrity and talent, Amadeus amazes me as my first attempt on Milos Forman’s work.

A movie about a one-sided rivalry that sprung from jealousy, Salieri is painfully aware of his own mediocrity when it comes to music ever since he met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart is a man who lacks finesse in courtship, his immatureness and insolence has earn him more notoriety not only from Salieri himself but numerous advisors in court as well.

Performance from Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham are both superb. Tom Hulce has to walk a fine line to earn sympathy from the audience for certain scenes to land an absolute impact but at the same time his vulgar and childish demeanours are the tools for us to understand Salieri’s intentions behind his every action.

Amadeus is a fine visual feast, a dramatize biography of Mozart, or rather the downwards spiral of Salieri’s sanity and a vow to destroy Mozart and his legacy. Perhaps it is interesting to note that Salieri understands Mozart well, he knows what haunts him and utilizes it against him. He understood his enemies too well, and I would like to believe mutual respect exists between their relationship.

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