Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love ★★★★½

"You can go to places in the world with pudding. That's funny."

P.T. Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love is close to a masterpiece. An excellent screenplay accompanied by mesmerizing sound design and cinematography. And on top of that, Sandler gives his best performance by a long shot.

The story is fantastic, however, it is the only area that if improved upon this would have been a five-star movie. The antagonist is unique and interesting, but not as fleshed out as I would like it to be. There are aspects of Barry's life that I wish were expanded upon. Despite the minor complaints, the story is grounded, yet keeps you extremely engaged. An all-around great story. All the performances are wonderful. Sandler does incredible and Hoffman is a standout even though he had limited screen time. Really is a shame that Sandler got so few actually good roles after this film. The characters that the film presents have so much depth to them and it feels like they've been living in this world for a long time
Now onto the technical parts of this film. The use of long shots and creative cinematography in this film make for a truly unique experience without it being distracting. The score reminds me of something from an older movie but it fits. The sound design is phenomenal, even for me who was watching it on a loud airplane with Apple headphones. Cannot wait to watch this again with an actual speaker in a quiet environment.

Overall, excellent film. Would recommend it to most people. 4.5/5

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